How Cloudics

Our powerful Cloudics solution enables to control all the station equipment from the cloud platform. We will send out preconfigured controllers that can be installed in minutes and the setup will be done in Astro Baltics cloud server. Each controller connects a fueling site to the Cloudics web platform. We today have the technical capability to connect all the well-known dispensers, led price displays, fuel leveling systems and even car wash systems to our Cloudics control unit. This means saving you the time and costs of managing and maintaining multiple applications. Challenges regarding internet connections are overcome through communication modules. In the event of internet connection issues or disruptions the ongoing transaction can be completed and sent to the cloud when the internet connection is restored.

Cloudics gives you instant access to control and authorize fuel pumps and price displays, see all the transactions, alerts and logs in real time and manage tanks and users. All the tools can be managed directly from the Cloudics web platform and therefore you can access the tools from every corner of the world on any device. Cloudics can be integrated with existing database and other management systems so you can see the full picture of your stations work form the Cloudics web. You can also set multible alerts and notifications and analyze service station operations and trends through flexible reports.

  • lets when new errors or warnings are detected

    Cloudics analyzes log entries and notifies you when tank levels meet specified criteria, printer paper is running out, Internet connection is down and wide variety of other notifications.

  • Monitor every step made in the fuel station

    Keep an eye on all the logs and transactions linked to tanks, pumps and stations. This helps you easily pinpoint the root cause of any error or alert, enabling you to fix issues faster.

  • View live transactions

    All the transactions are viewable as they occur.

  • Keep an eye on fuel levels

    Check tank levels by regions, stations and statuses when needed. Make predictions, track fuel levels and determine criterias for fuel level notifications.

  • Overview of all your stations in different locations

    You can see overview of all your stations and also detailed information by stations and pumps about tanks statistics and transactions.

  • Add and manage clients

    View clients contact information, cards and transactions, send out letters and bills.

  • Change prices remotely

    Set base and final prices. Alterations take place immediately on the price displays and come into effect from the next refueling.

  • Plenty of opportunities for campaigns

    Assign discounts based on client cards and groups. Manage campaigns and happy hour prices.

  • Flexible reports

    Create reports that present necessary information in a way that is most beneficial to your organization and the way you need to see it.

Scan QR-code, select fuel type and amount
Firstly, scan a QR-code from the dispenser or select/confirm the right station and dispenser with the location scanning option. Then choose the fuel type and maximum amount you want to fuel. If you fuel for less than the chosen amount, the amount difference will be returned to your account.

Make a mobile payment
After confirming the fueling details you can make a convenient payment with your mobile phone. You can also insert multiple cards with one payment in case you have one card for discount and other for payment. Once your request has been validated you can get out of your vehicle and start refueling.

Get your receipt to application
After refueling you can get back in your vehicle and drive away. The receipt is automatically stored in the application and can be optionally also sent by e-mail to a predefined address. Of course it is also possible to take the receipt on paper from the dispenser.

More about Some of the Features