Reduce your stations carbon footprint

As climate change continues to increase, the imperative for innovation at fuel stations will start to increase significantly. Cloudics for fuel stations is the step towards a greener future. Updating your fuel station to a Cloud-based fuel station can reduce your stations carbon footprint. Cloud-based station needs less hardware, no receipt printer paper and maintenance can be done over the internet.

Astro Baltics is an environmentally responsible company and all products offered are compliant with relevant regulations and environmental guidelines. Our company has Environmental Management ISO certificate and we use fuel efficient vehicles with low CO2 emission to serve our customers.

How Cloudics reduces carbon footprint in stations

  • Less hardware
  • Less work on site
  • Less raw materials
  • Less plastic cards
  • Less power consumption
  • Less pollution by transportation
  • No printer paper – receipts in your mobile
  • Maintenance work over cloud

The result

  • First step towards eco-friendly fuel station
  • More customers
  • Low-energy solution
  • Low waste (or emissions)
  • Sustainable product
  • Better brand image

Show that your company cares about the environment by having green solutions and eco-friendly business practices!