Benefits of


Total savings up to 30 000€ per station.


Remotely controllable.


Get your business functioning quickly.


Easier to install new functionalities.

Fresh approach

Competitive edge.


Easily reachable reports and analyzes.

Cloudics can help you reduce fuel station hardware expenses and setup costs, lower regular software maintenace fees and on-site service costs. Total savings on maintenance work and hardware can be up to 30 000€ per station. The cloud based fuel station is fully automatic and therefore you can also save money on labor costs. In addition to the cost aspect the installation of a new station is faster and expanding your business is easier in many ways.

It is also much easier to implement and install new functionalities and upgrades because all business logic and data is stored in the cloud. This gives you a solution that can easily adapt to fast market changes and helps you to stay competitive and to attract new clients through innovation. Cloud based fuel station is better equipped to adapt to changes in a fast-paced fuel retail business environment and fuel station can be controlled and managed remotely from every corner of the world.


Easy and intuitive user interface.

Shorter wait time

Quick payments using only your smartphone.


Payment next to the dispenser.

Safe payment

Maximum security for payments.


View your payments history.

Trends show that consumers are eager for quick and less complicated shopping experiences that mobile payments are offering. With an easy and intuitive user interface clients can make payments quickly and comfortably using only their smartphone. This means innovative and convenient fueling experience for the users because they can pay for their fuel without having any physical cards or cash with them.

Payments are provided with maximum security and users can also easily get an overview of all their previous payments. Credit card information is not stored on smartphones directly but instead in the cloud so credit card details are not extractable just by stealing your phone. Mobile payments also allow shorter wait times at chechout which, in turn, improves the customer experience.


API for integration with third-party devices.


No expensive hardware and on-site service cost.


Install and use in every corner of the world.


Keeps the station functioning 24/7.


Customized to your business needs.


Manage all the station equipment through cloud.

With Cloudics you can keep the station functioning 24/7. Its revolution lies in the fact that the fuel station equipment is administrated through a cloud-based forecourt device controller system where all technical equipment on the service station is connected. We will send out preconfigured controllers that are easy to install and the setup of the fuel station will be done in cloud server. This means that the solution can be installed and used in every corner of the world.

Cloudics is easy to integrate with third-party devices, additional features and functions and it works with a wide range of forecourt equipment. This means lower costs on hardware, maintenance work and in case of upgrades to system components, as the upgrades only need to be applied to the cloud. In other words Cloudics offers the possibility of optimizing cost of operations and to higher profits.

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